Our Green Efforts

Below are some examples of how we are trying to have a smaller carbon footprint.  If you have more ideas for us or feedback, please email us!


We use sustainable food products whenever possible and we source from as many local farmers as we can.  This percentage is always growing as products become more available to us.  We are currently at about 70 percent local and/or sustainable.

Our chef/owner is on the board of Pallet to Palate which is a local organization that promotes the farm to table experience in San Luis Obispo County...  www.pallettopalate.com

We support Slow Food and Chef's Collaborative.

We have replaced most of our lighbulbs with fluorescents and we use light sensors wherever possible.  We replaced all of our kitchen light fixtures in January 2008 with energy saving fixtures.  They are so efficient that as of June 2010 we still haven't had to replace a lightbulb.

We steam clean our floors, instead of using chemicals.  We use biodegradable cleaners in other areas of the restaurant, except in the dishwasher.

We have three induction burners which are said to use 70-80 percent less energy than gas or electricity. 

Re use recycled, recyclable and biodegradable take out containers and utensils.

We recyle glass, paper and tin.

We participate in Earth Hour and Earth Day every year.

We have stopped using our gas hogging broiler and we don't use an energy hogging steamer.

We recycle our fry oil into bio fuel.

We only serve water when it is requested saving on valuable dish washing water.

We thaw only in the refrigerator and not under running water.

As of June, 2010 we are finally composting as we finally found someone to take our compost!

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