I hope you know what an affect your talents have had on everyone that has had the good fortune of being at your table. I wish you were able to open your next venture here in Malibu -- our property values would go through the roof. You are truly gifted. Peace.
The Stokers
I just wanted to tell you we absolutely loved our dinner with you last Saturday night. Everything was superb, both in taste and presentation. We were very impressed with the creativity of your menu. Great job. We will return the next time we are in Cambria. Thank you.
Karen Higgins
Maxine and I enjoyed your restaurant immensely. As a former Chef/Owner myself, it is always a pleasure to enjoy an operation that is run properly. Your recipes were excellent, service was superb. And the bright spot of the evening was to meet and be introduced to the Chef! We will be in Cambria regularly and you can expect to see us more often.

Thank You again for your hospitality.
Byron Story PhD
I had a dream I cannot fake
about your most delicious cake
it was great, I knew it would
from you kitchen it's understood
This oral feast it calls my name
Because of you I am to blame
My nights are filled with such dreams
My palate loud it doth scream
Your way we travel sometime soon
and I will surely bring my spoon
For your stilton I must partake
it is the most delicious cake.
Dermot Stoker
Your lovely restaurant and wonderful food is the talk of our weekend. We will be back.
Duane Ireland
My wife and I think you're the best restaurant on the Central Coast. We go there every time we're in the area. Thanks for the great meals!
Ryan Baron
Oh Deborah!

What you did was so wonderful. You helped make our weekend so special. Thank you so much.

The dish you prepared was DELICIOUS! Dharmesh has never had a restaurant prepare a dish specifically for him, and being a vegetarian - you can imagine how wonderful he felt as he noticed all of his favorite foods beautifully presented. (Normally, he is just happy to get vegetarian options on the menu, much less a meal tailored towards his palette!) The flavors were complex and blended amazingly well together - and in short - it was incredible.

He said "it was the most unique and special dinner he has ever had." I loved it too and we both wish we could enjoy that dish again!
We look forward to our next visit to lavish ourselves with incredible food and drink in your dining room again.

Best regards.
Claire Umeda
I cannot go on a trip to Cambria without having dinner at your restaurant. Simple food, elegantly combined.
Sheila Baxter
John and I wanted to say hi and tell you again what a fantastic time we had at The Black Cat on Saturday night! We are looking forward to seeing you again on our next trip down. The rest of our weekend, was great, but the time we spent at The Black Cat was the highlight. See you again soon!
David Horwitz & John McGrath
Sittin' here in rainy New York thinking about beautiful Cambria and the wonderful Black Cat.
Joe & Helen Josephs
Just wanted to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful experience of dining at the Black Cat 3 weeks ago whilst we where in the USA. It was that great that we returned for dinner again the following night.

Graham Jones from Regusci Winery made the recommendation that we call in and we will now be passing on that recommendation to any of our fellow Australians visiting your part of the world.

Thank you again, and we look forward to a return visit in March 08.
David and Kerrie Bilton
My portfolio is down, and I'm wearing a frown
I need a huge lift, in the form of a gift.
A trip up to the North, is something I look forth
To be at your table, please get me out of the stable
For I'm slaving away to pay for yesterday
and my taste buds do yearn, for a haughty Sauterne
Je t'aime le chat noir, tout les jours de mon vie
Well, I've run out of words....except to say, we miss you.
Best Wishes.
Tracy and Dermot Stoker
we loved your restaurant! i think its my new favorite. everyone was so great there and the food was phenomenal. the seared ahi is to die for and i can guarantee you i will be making special trips up the coast just for that meal.

thanks for helping to make our honeymoon perfect. best wishes.
Alexis Pate
Hi Deborah, we dined at your restaurant last Saturday night (in fact, we helped you close it down, I think I remember!) and just wanted to tell you what a lovely evening it was. We were really surprised to find such a great place in Cambria (yes, we are SF snobs) and will recommend it to everyone we know. It was our first time in Cambria and you helped make us feel at home. We’ll be back many times.
Susan & Bob Court
Just wanted to let you know that our meal in the Black Cat Bistro was probably the best meal we had in our two and a half weeks in California. Really stunning food, and very pleasant staff.
Kevin Manning
Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful dining experiance at The Black Cat. On a recent trip up the Central Coast we had dinner there two Saturday nights in a row. Love the food, the wine and the ambience. Special thanks to Sarah for seating us in the romantic corner by the fireplace as we requested and to Jason for his expert guidance and service with both the menu and the wine list. Our dinner at the Black Cat last Saturday was the best of our trip. We'll be back!
Margo Smith
Just wanted you to know that we and our guests had a great dinner on July 9. Once again, your food was creative- and really good. The atmosphere was relaxed, and we had a great time. We look forward to more meals with you in the future. Thanks!
Lloyd Armstrong
Four of us ate at your restaurant on Friday night of last week and we had a superb time. Every appetizer and entree was spectacular - each sauce truly amazing and the service was perfect! Thank you and your staff for a terrific "foodie" experience - one we'll pass on to our friends when visiting the Cambria/Paso area.

Thanks again!
Karen Brunelle
My husband would visit Cambria JUST to go to your restaurant.
Karen Frazin
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